UPR interviews

On Tuesday, we went to the UPR (University of Puerto Rico) to interview people and see how traditional schools affect their levels of happiness and satisfaction in their lives. We interviewed three people: two college students, and 1 teacher. It was interesting how you could see the difference in answers based on age gap and interest. But, there was 2 things they agreed on (without ever talking to each other because we interviewed them seperately). The funny thing is, those 2 things contradict each other, but somehow all 3 of the people said the same thing. They all said “Yes. Traditional school helped me in my levels of satisfaction in my life”. But they also said “No. The traditional education in Puerto Rico does not work properly and should be improved.” How can they all agree to contradict their own selves? It is quite peculiar. They all had gone through different walks of life and had diverse answers talking about their lives and their relationships with the adults as kids yet, they said the same thing. The same contradicting thing. I don’t know how to explain it but I think we should keep doing interviews to see if this is a recurring thought amongst people or if it was a total coincidence that we found those 3 exact people. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

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