Sneaky Cards are awesome!!!

Sneaky Cards is a game that is played for several days. Maybe weeks, or even months! The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards. So, you have a deck, and whenever you complete a certain task on a card, you give that card to someone else. For example, one of the cards says “Hold the door open for five consecutive people. Hand this ard to the fifth person to walk through the door.” Another one says “Find a stranger who will take a picture with you. Take a picture with a total stranger. Once you’ve taken the picture, give them this card.” The point is, that you get to play this game with the whole world!!! My two personal favorites say “Lay down in a public place until someone checks on you. When they do: hand them this card.” and “Sincerely compliment someone. Give a stranger an honest compliment, anything that you think would make them feel nice. When you do, give them this card.” I already did one that said something along the lines of “Give this card to someone without them noticing.” I did this by putting it inside someone’s purse when they weren’t looking (I’m not saying who it is, though!). So yeah, it’s a crazy game with a bunch of things to do and I can’t wait to be able to give all of my cards out!

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