This week there have been a few changes in ExAlt. It all started on Monday. We got to ExAlt and we saw that most of it was closed except the living room. In the living room, the floor mat was missing and replaced by some chairs formed in a semi-circle in front of a table with some pencils and paper on it. So, we just sat down and waited. Alex told us we would be starting by assistance instead of the usual on time. When everyone arrived, Alex began talking to us about how he didn’t see that some things were working. He explained how we weren’t running an ALC the way they’re supposed to. We’re supposed to go to ExAlt to set intentions and carry them out. There shouldn’t be a day-to-day “i don’t know what to do” kind of vibe. We’re supposed to be agile and we’re supposed to make things work. It’s okay to not know what to do every now and then, but it shouldn’t be a common practice. So we started changing some things. We’re now using the Kanban board more efficiently and effectively to be able to carry out our intentions. We’re also making every morning meeting standing up and together, by assistance instead of on time. We’re also having a 5-minute cleanup every afternoon (except on the days when we do actual deep cleaning of ExAlt). We’re trying to do change-ups more intentioned and with their purpose: to decide something we’ll try out for a week for the things in consciousness, and to evaluate implementations of past weeks. I think that’s basically it. Or most of it, at least

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