Learning the sewing machine

This week, I started learning how to use a sewing machine. On Wednesday, I looked up a video on the parts of the sewing machine and what they’re used for. Then a second video on how to use the sewing machine. It was really exciting whenever Roxy (anaiomy’s mom) and I learned a new technique and were able to do it succesfully. I traced some lines on some loose-leaf paper with the sewing machine. Sheyla the next day told me they came out really well! She then printed out some patterns on some paper and I traced them with the machine and she told me I was actually pretty good at it! I was even able to do some curvy lines with a lot of precision (still room for improvement, but for my first time, I did really well). Then, Sheyla showed me how to sew two pieces of cloth together, and I was able to make a really cute pocket thingy!! I’m really excited to keep sewing and making more things and even finish the cosplay!

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