Spring break

During the spring break, I had plenty of activities and hangouts with friends. Some of the things  I did include: going to San Patricio mall with my best male friend, going to Old San Juan with my girlfriend on a date, and going to Plaza Las Américas mall with a large group of friends (including @amaro2001).

The first hangout was planned so that my best guy friend, whom I hadn’t had alone time with for a long time, and I could catch up on each others lives. We talked a lot and joke around. We also played some Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS and we played some air hockey in the arcade. It felt so nostalgic because back when I used to study at the same school he studies in, we used to talk all the time in our lunch breaks and free periods, allowing for much more alone time. But now, since I’m at ExAlt and no longer at the school, we never have conversations like that anymore. I really treasure that opportunity I had to see him again and hangout just like old times.

Now let’s go to the second hangout, or should I say the date. My girlfriend and I went to Old San Juan and we had a really fun time and it was really cute. First, we went to a natural soap’s shop. Why a soap shop? Well, it’s the same store where my mom buys the soap for our house. Once, my family and I went with my girlfriend and my best female friend to Old San Juan and we visited the store because we were low on soaps and my mom needed to buy more. My girlfriend instantly fell in love with the organic soaps and the varying smells. They also sell some body scrubs that we tried out and it feels amazing the way it removes the dead skin cells on you. After that, we went to a popcorn shop and bought a bag each. She bought cookies and cream popcorn and I bought cinnamon popcorn. We shared it, feeding each other  the popcorn; it was super adorable. After that, we just went walking around and talking next to the ocean with a fresh breeze until her mom came by to pick us up.

For the third activity, I invited a bunch of friends to Plaza Las Américas mall so that they could meet Amaro and Amaro could meet them. Sadly, out of the 9 people that I invited (besides Amaro), only 4 came. Even still, we had a great time and walked around to different places. We went to the Disney store where we were all really happy with all the cute things and I bought an adorable Dumbo pencil case Tsum Tsum that my mom asked me to buy for her. Then we went to Hot Topic where I bought a Harry Potter Ravenclaw shirt for myself (which I just so happen to be wearing right now). We also visited some other stores like Microsoft (where we played Just Dance on a Kinect and made a goof of ourselves) and Spec’s (where we just looked at the merchandise they had). Everyone had fun and liked Amaro and Amaro liked everyone.

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