The North Carolina-ers

The people from MosaicALC visited us at ExAlt and we had an awesome time! We went to Old San Juan, the beach, and Alex’s farm. In Old San Juan, we went to El Morro and stayed there a while, enjoying the wind. Then we went to Poet’s Passage, a store with a lot of frames with poetic words for sale. After that, we went to Señor Paleta, a popsicle store, and I bought an extremely delicious dulce de leche popsicle. At the beach, I put on some music on a speaker. But after a while, Alex wanted to put his own music, so I let him have the speaker. I tried some slackline, but failed miserably. I also had a lot of comversations with a lot of people. At Alex’s farm, we tasted some delicious oranges, we went to the lake and fed some fish, we ate soup and hamburgers (I stuffed myself by eating two hamburgers and a bowl of soup), and we went to a river

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