Limbéate en ExAlt

This week we had a meeting to decide what we are going to do with our future limbers business. For those who don’t know, limbers are a sort of popsicle in a cup that is typical here in Puerto Rico, especially during times where the weather is hot or warm (which, on a tropical island, is basically always). Limbers can have many different flavors and we have a long list of flavors we want to sell. The first flavors we are going to try to make are lemon, milk, almond milk, peanut, oreo, and banana. We are naming our business “Limbéate en ExAlt”. Let’s hope our business sells!

Weiqi sure is fun (except when I lose)

Just kidding. Weiqi is always fun! It’s a Chinese board game that Alex brought directly from China when he lived there. It’s a game where you use black and white pieces that represent soldiers. Two players take turns putting pieces on the board and their goal is to surround the opponent’s pieces to conquer them and the territory. Each soldier conquered and each space of territory is 1 point. At the end, the player with the most points wins!